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Hi there 👋 !

I'm Kendrick, I wasn't a shoe designer but I became one. From engineer to fashion news photographer I strongly believe that life can change, that's possible.

Maybe because of strange experiences in Mexico while I was living there 🤫 - and passionate by prehispanic cultures, I was able to feel things into my body. Things that thrills and permitted to express things above the real, into arts.

These feelings continued as a creative expression within fashion. I could feel the strength and emotion of a woman thanks to the heels she was wearing.

Not only for the aesthetics of her silhouette but also for the strength that she could radiate and spread 😻. For sure, heels are fetish objects and men and women have a special bound around it.

And only by passion, I managed to make my first prototype and then develop a shoe line that is handmade and crafted in Italy, in small quantities.

I'd like 😊 to give you access to advantageous pre-sales of Kendrick shoes and at least have your support for a small slow fashion french brand driven by passion !


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And let me send you a welcome gift: a story I wrote for a magazine. It's about a very talented designer which is top 100 artists for the Times magazine, she has international exposure and she does crazy and beautiful fashion shows as an official invited by french Haute Couture.

😡 She doesn't have much coverage in France and I thought it was important to follow her and show her work on a few seasons. I'll send you 27 pages PDF extract of the magazine which is in English and French. Hope you'll like it. All backstage and fashion show pictures are mine (like these with Céline Dion :).

« Only with the spirit of devotion can a creation stand the test of time, until it eventually becomes a legend. » - Guo Pei

You can discover this magazine and article on this video :

If you like my work, I'd be grateful if you could help me to spread the word. Thanks a lot, I need YOU 😘 !


“I often wear boots in red or yellow. Hot colors, a real boost to outfits 😊 ! In addition, the model can be worn with very different styles. And they make just crazy feets and legs 😍 !“
Pauline Sanzey, TV Host, Canal + French TV